Building A Resilient


Moving Forward to Excellence



Angela Johnson was born on 16th November, 1959 to the family of Honourable J.U Udenyi and Madam Nnenna Grace Udenyi of Amuvi Village Arochukwu, Abia State Nigeria. Angela father was a member of House of Representatives who served (INYONG CONSTITUENCY) in Eastern Nigeria during the first Republic. Angela mum was an entrepreneur, a tobacco and stockfish merchant and a seasoned politician. Angela mother was the women leader in Methodist Dioceses Umuahia for several years and was later elected women Patron of Methodist church, Umuahia. While growing up, Angela was inspired by her mother to be God fearing, hard working and focused in life. Angela attended both her primary and secondary school in Umuahia, Abia State Nigeria. Angela became a successful entrepreneur shortly after her West African School Certificate (WASC).

Angela had an encounter with the Lord Jesus on 20th December, 1986 at a youth for Christ Conference where she gave her life to Christ and became a born-again Christian. Angela was called into Ministry in January 1987 and later travelled to London England in 1991 with the intention of starting her Christian work of Ministry. In 1994, Angela founded and registered Compassion Ministries in London UK. She travelled internationally preaching the gospel, holding conferences across the globe.   


The Agenda

I am poised to encourage youths who express stable intentions to accomplish meaningful goals and contribute valuable ideologies to Nigeria for the benefit of themselves, Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Our youths should see purpose as ethical means to achieve a noble end. Hence, the ability to achieve purpose should be within a model of motivation. Once the youths understand the role of Nigeria different cultures and ethnicity content that plays in the process, it is obvious they will take care of others as well as resolve social conflicts effectively.

My goal is to create a quality environment which will allow every youth to perform, draw an affordable framework with direction, content and through a transformative life programs (events).

The framework is developed a quality lifestyle through which our youths are nurtured to move from being taken care of by adults to taking care of themselves and others in the community they live.


Despite all the promises by successive political leaders and policymakers that youth development will be given priority attention in Nigeria, the Nation mirage of unskilled, jobless and poverty-stricken youths prone to anti-social behavior and violence due to lack of proper home, community supports as well as economic opportunities continue to rise. My aim is to invest in positive youth development programs which will empower our youths with genuine skills and knowledge to grow into productive and responsible adults.


Join us to rebuild Nigeria for all citizens




Angela is a renowned Christian author with three successful books under her name. In 2004-2012, Angela featured on a weekly Christian Television program in UK called ‘The Prophetic Truth’ which was viewed internationally. 

In 2012, Angela went back to University of Hertfordshire UK to study law where she graduated with a law degree. She proceeded for her masters the following year and has successfully completed her Master Degrees in law (LLM). Angela is now working on gaining her PHD in law. Angela is a focussed and vibrant woman, a motivator, passionate achiever and a Philanthropist. 

Angela is a woman with passion to help people; her heart desire is to make Nigeria a great Nation. Angela is a woman with a Golden heart, a woman you can call a Mother to Nations, full of wisdom, kindness, love and virtue. Angela believes that once the light begins to shine, darkness cannot prevail, hence, Nigeria shall be great again. Angela is blessed with two sons, Uchechukwu and Ugochukwu.